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Inner Explorer is proud to partner with the National PTA to offer the Healthy Minds Summer of Mindfulness Program. Families get full access to daily mindfulness practices for Early Learning through 12th grade, along with adult practices, for the entire summer. Participate in mindfulness quests and fun activities for a kinder, calmer, and healthier summer!

Why Daily Mindfulness With Inner Explorer?

reduce stress

Promotes mental health and well-being for students and adults.

immunity with mindfulness

Cultivates lifelong skills, such as resilience, compassion, and responsible decision-making.

learning with inner explorer

The audio-guided format allows for easy use in the classroom or at home.

two hand inner explorer

A shared practice fosters conversation and connection at home.

Healthy Minds Summer of Mindfulness

Healthy Minds Summer of Mindfulness Inner Explorer and the National PTA share the common goal of making mental health a priority. Together, we are empowering students and families to build a shared mindfulness habit over the summer. With just 5-10 minutes of daily practice, mindfulness offers a sustainable way to promote well-being for the entire family. Explore topics such as building connections, navigating change, and more by getting started with our practices and activities.

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