An Evidence-Based Mindful Awareness Program Designed for School Communities

In partnership with Substantial Classrooms, Inner Explorer is providing full access to our daily mindfulness program to substitute teachers in Sub School in Columbus, Ohio to support you and your students.

reduce stress

Guided breathing and relaxation exercises are easy to do and replace fight or flight responses with calm.

immunity with mindfulness

Daily mindful awareness practice cultivates lifelong skills such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and responsible decision-making.

learning with inner explorer

With many students working online and at home daily use helps kids focus and learn.

two hand inner explorer

Follows MBSR protocol to promote greater mental health and well-being.

Message from Inner Explorer & Substantial Classrooms

It is with excitement that Inner Explorer and Substantial Classrooms join together to support the very important work of substitute teachers with daily mindfulness in Columbus City Schools. By teaching students to pay attention, increasing student and teacher self-regulation, and calming down nervous systems, SubSchool members will experience more calm and collaboration in the classroom. Engaging teachers and students simultaneously benefit both -- by enhancing the power of each to contribute to a supportive, efficient, and resilient classroom. In so doing, the power of each one can become the power of the entire school community.

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