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Introducing Clayton’s Champion Initiative

The Clayton’s Champion Initiative is a district wide effort to positively impact the mental wellbeing and social, emotional, and behavioral skills of students, educators, and families. Mindful awareness is the human ability to maintain awareness without being overwhelmed or overly reactive to surroundings. With daily practice in the classroom, students and educators reduce their stress, plus improve their ability to focus and engage with the curriculum. Inner Explorer and Clayton County Public Schools will provide access to audio-guided Mindful Awareness practices Pre-K-12th grade for the entire school community. The Clayton's Champion Initiative seeks to address four key goals: provide daily mindful awareness practice as a proven preventative wellness measure, improve academic achievement and school performance, build resilience and link home and school through family participation.

Provide Wellbeing Support

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Clayton County Public Schools recognizes the value of increased access to resources that reduce stress for educators, students and families. The Clayton’s Champion Initiative provides evidence-based wellness resources to help combat the growing number of youth mental wellness concerns nationally.

Promote Academic Achievement

Community ADDITION

Clayton County Public Schools is committed to increasing academic success for our scholars and closing the achievement gap. Clayton's Champion Initiative will positively impact students' ability to succeed in school and in life. Implementing just 10 minutes of daily mindful awareness practice in the classroom offers a sustainable way to improve performance and cultivate life skills.

Build Community
of Practice

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When everyone in the community understands and practices mindful awareness based stress reduction, it positively impacts well-being and culture. Leaders in the community, including the Atlanta Hawks and the GreenLight Fund Atlanta recognize the vast potential of CCPS scholars and are partnering to provide every student with access and inspiration.

Engage Families in Daily Practice

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Encourage families and caregivers to listen to the same stress reduction practices their children are hearing each day in the classroom. A shared practice fosters compassion and conversation at home, plus offers caregivers an opportunity to experience the benefits of daily mindful awareness

An Opportunity For All Clayton County Students And Families
To Experience Mindful Wellbeing

Join the Initiative

School and center staff can access the Inner Explorer Program – a series of 180 daily mindful awareness practices aligned with the school year – by filling out their school information in the "For Staff" tab

Families/Caregivers can get started using the InnerExplorer HOME app, a companion mobile app with mindful awareness practices available in English or Spanish. Register by filling out your student's school information in the "For Families" tab

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Why Mindful Awareness?

Mindful Awareness is the human ability to maintain awareness without being overwhelmed or overly reactive to surroundings Mindful Awareness Based Stress Reduction is the subject of 9,000 published studies that prove the benefits of daily mindful awareness for children and adults. A growing number of these studies focus on how it can improve overall well-being, school culture, and academics.

Enhances Mental Wellbeing

Daily mindful awareness is a proven countermeasure to chronic stress, which is often associated with mental health concerns. Mindful awareness teaches effective strategies to calm the central nervous system (CNS) and attenuate the body's natural fight/flight/freeze stress response. Students and teachers that participate experience a 43% reduction in stress

Improves Learning

Integrating mindful Awareness prepares students to focus and learn. Classrooms that practice daily report a 28% increase in Math grades, a 21% increase in Science grades, and a 15% increase in average G.P.A.

Cultivates Lifelong Skills

Mindful awareness teaches valuable skills such as self-awareness and emotional regulation. As a result, students and adults learn how to manage big emotions healthily, and treat one another with empathy and compassion. Published research on Inner Explorer demonstrates a 60 % reduction in behavioral issues.

The Impact of Mindful Awareness

About Our Partners

We invite you to learn more about the organizations involved in this initiative and are working together to support Clayton County Public Schools.


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